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At Welsh Bros we take great pride in growing some of the finest produce in Ontario. We harvest at the peak of freshness – promising our customers just-picked flavour in every delicious bite.


And…we also understand, and embrace, our responsibilities when it comes to food safety and traceability. We pride ourselves on our industry-leading food safety protocols, and we’re equally proud of our new, comprehensive traceability program – a custom-designed software that allows us to trace our produce from field through to point of sale.


In the unlikely event that there are ever safety concerns or a produce recall, we can quickly and accurately trace and isolate the location of any product we’ve harvested. Using GPS coordinates sourced through the bar code on every bag of corn, we can pinpoint the exact location of virtually every cob we grow. (Pretty cool eh!)


Welsh Bros leading-edge, custom-designed food safety and traceability software furthers our ability to meet, and exceed, our commitment to providing customers with the freshest, safest, and highest quality produce available on the market today.


Food Safety & Traceability

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